Feelin’ Loopy!

Lat weekend I played three solo shows. I have been trying to keep my calendar full and it seems I am performing solo more and more. I never used to like it before I got myself a looping unit. I always prefer being able to jam with someone. I am more comfortable working and improvising of what is being played along with me. With the looper I am able to do that with myself. The looper allows me to record the songs chord progression as I am performing it. As long as I hit the “stop” in that same spot (or on the same down beat) as I started it, it will repeat the progression until I choose to stop it. Once the progression is looping, I can add some percussion using the palm of my hand and some sweet spots on the guitar. I then usually add some bass using an octave peddle. Obviously the key to all this is to perform songs that have a repetitive chord progression. Anyway, I have a lot of fun at these shows; I can be very high energy depending on the crowd and venue. I hope you will come check it out some time. I will be performing every Wednesday at The Underground Pub in The Crowne Plaza in Pittsfield, MA starting in Dec. I am also performing at Friends Grille in Pittsfield on The 1st & 3rd Thursdays and at The Mill Town Tavern in Dalton, MA on the 2nd & 4th Thursdays. Hope to see some of you at the shows